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Guide to Selecting the Right Tactical Flashlight

The tactical flashlights are popular with different individuals all over the world. People from all walks of life be it the military officers, trip seekers, and law enforcement officers use the tactical flashlights.

With the numerous numbers of tactical flashlights in the market, it is not easy to select the best tactical flashlight to use. Click here for the Top 5 best 18650 flashlight list. This article highlights some of the things to look at when you are purchasing the right tactical flashlight.


torch Since there are different types of tactical flashlights for different purposes, you have to establish why you need one. Different types of tactical flashlights have different light ranges and are therefore suitable for various assignments.

The mine and quarry workers, for example, need the best quality flashlight as they work in places that are incredibly dark yet they need to be well-lit for them to work correctly. If you want a tactical flashlight for sailing and hiking, then those with lumens between 300 and 1000 should be ideal.

Amount of light

The amount of light that you need is another factor to look at when you are selecting the best tactical flashlight. Just like we had earlier mentioned, the tactical flashlights are used for different purposes. Some activities require much light whereas some other activities do not require the same.

If you need a tactical flashlight for reading purposes, you may only need one that has 10 to 20 lumens. If you have a dog and would love one that you could be using when it is dark to patrol your homestead, then you can use one that is between 20 and 150 lumens.


The features of the tactical flashlight are another critical thing to look at. Features such as weight and whether the flashlight is waterproof or not can be considered when it comes to selecting the ideal device.

The best flashlights are those that have been made out of the aircraft aluminum because this makes them lighter. If you are likely to use it in a place that is moisturized then consider selecting a waterproof one.


featuresLastly, the size of the flashlight matters a lot. The smaller ones can be easily carried as compared to the huge one. The bigger tactical flashlights are brighter than, the smaller ones but also difficult to carry around.

Determine the right size of the flashlight that you would like to buy before making a decision. Watch the video below on how to select the best tactical flashlight.